A tweak a day for a week

Every day for a week I will release a free open source tweak on my repo.
After that, popular developers from the community will each take a week.

One new release a day for seven days

All releases must be open source

All work must be done on release day

Puts navigation bars on a diet!

Page-styled app animations

Split-style iPad mail app in portrait

Submit articles to Instapaper via Action Menu

Running app icons glow

Quick scrolling in all table views

Awake to Arithmetic

random color instead of white flash when taking screenshots

Slide unlock bar both directions to unlock

Open URLs from Spotlight

Secure your iPhone while charging

Vertical animation when switching from an app to another

Display a little red square on the status bar when battery percentage < 20%.

Hides SMS when opening

Slide back and forth to launch apps

Auto-reply to text messages

Show time in lock screen slider

Redirect an icon to another icon

Hide the slide to unlock knob

Always show battery on lock screen

Customize lock screen text/colors

Vibrate when you get an UIAlertView

Move the icon labels to the top

Hide keyboard when tapping SMS bubbles

Button in SpringBoard to toggle Airplane mode

Screensaver before dims

Wifi toggler icon style

A nice quote once a day every day!

Convert your pictures to grayscale!

Change your ringer switch's functionality!

Randomly flips SB icons

Animated charging display on lock screen

Arrange statusbar items by dragging

Tap Clock for network info

Title SpringBoard pages

Volume buttons right on your SpringBoard

Customize your slide label

Trash sound when deleting data

Show playing lyrics via Activator

Add seconds to your LockScreen and customize it with color

Send a new message or mail by doing a double tap or

Add features to your Spotlight

Deletes all sms messages

Accept/Decline all Game Center Requests

Adds a Slider to the normal volume HUD

Remove the page limit on SpringBoard

Send multiple texts to the same user with ease

Rotates icons upside down

Replacement for battery remover, adds the iPad-Like lockscreen battery

Customize web clips

Set custom lock screen text

Landscape switcher on iPhone/iPod touch

Tab completion in Colloquy

Early access to Facebook's iPad

Standard scrolling in web views

Blank SpringBoard folder icons

Sound when SpringBoard launches

Share YouTube videos

Dismiss the mail keyboard

Fake Caller ID data